Upon receipt of your order, please submit Warranty Registration Form online and keep your proof of purchase (original invoice/sales receipt) in a safe place.

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Warranty info for Thermalution Power Heated Diving Undersuit:

Standard Warranty:

1.  Thermalution Power Heated Undersuit

The product (including its heating system, power controller, charger, power adaptor and wireless remote) comes with a 12-month limited warranty from the date of purchase against defective components and faulty workmanship only.

2.  Thermalution Battery
The battery is a consumable item and the limited warranty is 6 months from the date of purchase.

Free Extended Warranty:

Free extended warranty is available for new purchased battery from 6 months to 12 months by completing the online warranty registration form below within 30 days of the purchase date.  The warranty for battery under warranty service is 6 months.

Warranty Exceptions:

Users are requested to read the product’s manual before using their Thermalution product.  The limited warranty does not cover product failure caused by user’s negligence or failure to use within accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  These faults include but are not limited to the following conditions:

  • Misused or abused which caused the connector pins to become crooked, bent or broken
  • Incorrect battery charging
  • Excessive product exposure and usage
  • Improper handling or storage

If the above happens within the warranty period and repair service is requested, customer will be required to pay for the cost of the repair.

The limited warranty becomes null and void under the following conditions when product has been:

  • Tampered with or taken apart
  • Repaired by non-authorized Thermalution repair centres
  • Used for commercial purpose such as rental / loan programmes or any other commercial activities
  • Applied or used with other third party accessories
  • Modified by user

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Warranty Claim Procedures:

Customer should contact us in writing with details of the defects occurring within the warranty period from the date of purchase and provide a photocopy of the original proof of purchase (e.g., invoice/sales receipt clearly showing the purchase date) for verification.

Upon our approval of customer’s warranty claim and issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Number to the customer, customer needs to send back the defective item in a safe and secure packaging and enclose the original copy of invoice/sales receipt clearly showing the purchase date and RMA number.

Customer is responsible for the return shipping and shipping cost. Please keep a photocopy of all documents submitted and shipping confirmation for your own record. Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage during the return shipping.  The warranty claim item will not be accepted if returned without an RMA number. Upon receiving the defective item from the customer in good order, we may either repair or replace the defective item at our discretion and ship the repaired or replacement item back to the customer at our expense. In the event of a product failure, we shall be under no liability for any injury or any loss or damage caused to any other property or product other than the Thermalution product covered under the warranty.