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    “Just got back from Philippine. I used the Yellow Grade Plus Heated undersuit while I was diving in Philippine at night and I must tell you it was simply wonderful. It really kept me warm through out my dives and kep me warm on surface as well.” — Tony H., November 22, 2014

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    “We have received the two 15m under suits. They look really good. With the batteries being a bit flatter and no receiver on the back they should be a lot easier to wear under the harness. And with the cord the risk of losing the remote is a lot less too 🙂 Thank you once again for your support.” – Best wishes, Rike and Mat

    Mat Belcher & Malcom Page, Australia – Winner of 470 sailing gold at the 2012 London Olympic Sailing Competition

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    “Just came off a week of live-aboard diving with the suit and must say that for the first time in many years I’ve not had to terminate the fourth dive of the day and skip the night dive due to being cold. The only thing I worried about was the connection on the back of the shirt. Whatever, I packed in 25 dives over 5.5 days and only was cold once when I was saving battery power for the night dive – live and learn. Thanks for a memorable vacation.” – Gerry Flemming from Moncton, NBCanada, October 11, 2011

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    “My Thermalution shirt continue to work well and I’ love to hear about new products you have.” – Peter Gillard, September 15, 2011

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    “I am back from my diving trip. I dove 4 dives a day in 79 degree water for 7 days. This doesn’t sound cold, but after repetitive dives it gets very cold. I didn’t really need to wear it on the first and second dives of the day. However, I put it on for the third dive. I found that just wearing it (without it turned on) kept me warmer than not wearing it. I did turn it on when I got cold, usually the fourth dive of the day. It worked beautifully. It kept me very comfortable. I found that it worked better at keeping the rest of my body warm if I was moving. Which makes sense since that is what makes the water transfer through your wetsuit. I really didn’t need to turn it up to the highest setting either except for the last couple of dives when my body was getting really cold. But, it still did the job at keeping me warm. I showed everyone the suit and I was the envy of the dive boat. I was sure to give everyone the information on how to get one. Thank you for providing me with such a great product. I love it!!!” – Pamela DiBello, August 25, 2011

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    “We tried out our new Thermalution heated undershirts today at WindyPointScubaPark in Austin, Texas. The surface temp was 71, but the thermocline dropped to the 50′s. Chris went down for a few minutes to set a buoy for our open water students. When he came up his first words were, “You’re going to love the heat that this shirt generates.” He was right. We made two dives today and kept warm. We love our shirts! Thanks.” – Amy Jellison, May 7, 2011

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    “I love my heated shirt! I wore it on all three dives I did today and snorkeled in it this afternoon. I can charge my batteries on the boat and pop them back in for my next dive here in Bonaire. Great product!” – Jennifer, March 24, 2011

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    “Firstly I must say this is a wonderful piece of equipment. I am able to stay warm and do my dives.” – Robert Tan from Singapore, 2011

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    “Just returned from a dive trip in Indonesia and had tried out the warm suit. It worked very well.” — Kinson, September 17, 2008