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Red Grade Plus Waterproof Heated Diving Undersuit
–  Thermal Fleece Full Body Style
–  Keep You Warm in Drysuit
–  Heat Upper Back Core Area
–  100 Meters/300 Feet Diving Depth
–  3 to 4 Hours Heating
–  Rechargeable Batteries Included
–  Rechargeable Wireless Controller
–  Unisex & Different Sizes
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Product Description

New:  Thermalution Red Grade Plus – Professional Waterproof Wireless Power Heated Thermal Fleece Full Body Diving Undersuit with Rechargeable Wireless Remote Controller – 100 Meters (300 Feet) Diving Depth.

Introducing the New Unisex Far-infrared Waterproof Power Heated Thermal Fleece Full Body Diving Undersuit with Rechargeable Wireless Temperature Controller that keeps you warm for up to 4 hours in your drysuit for diving down 300 Feet (100 Meters)! Non-metallic heating panel is positioned on the back to warm up your core area. It is powered by a pair of compact high capacity lithium-polymer batteries with universal 100 volt ~ 240 volt dual battery charger. Once the batteries are fully charged, it lasts 3 to 4 hours. Rechargeable wireless temperature control with on/off switch and 3 temperature settings (low, medium, and high) with lights indicator. Stay warm in your wetsuit or drysuit for scuba diving down 100 meters (300 feet)!

Fully charge the battery and connect the batteries before putting it on. Normally, The undersuit is worn directly on your skin, but if you have sensitive skin, we strongly recommend you put on a layer before the undersuit with your wetsuit or drysuit (depending on the specific model) immediately outside it.


Maintenance of Thermalution Waterproof Power Heated Diving Undersuit After Use:

  1. Remove the battery connections once get off the water.
  1. Take off the undersuit carefully and avoid pulling the back of the undersuit’s heating area.
  1. After taking off the undersuit, please lay the back of undersuit’s heating area face up and flat to let the heating cool down.  Do not bend, twist, or wrinkle the undersuit and do not put any stuff with weight on top of the back of under suit’s heating area during cooling period.
  1. Hand wash the undersuit to prevent damage to the heating module. In order to avoid salt water damaging the product, please rinse and clean the entire suit by tap water, and wipe dry the connector heads. Please have the connector covers plugged in prior to washing and storing.

For more information, please see FAQs.

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