Heated Diving Undersuit

Looking for a solution to stay warm underwater and have more pleasant dive? The revolutionary Thermalution Far-infrared Power Heated Rashguard Undersuit is your answer! It is designed to be worn underneath your wetsuit or drysuit and turns your standard wetsuit or drysuit into a much more comfortable heated wetsuit… Click here to read more and Shop

Heated Outdoor Vest

Thermalution Power Heated Vest is a great choice for people who are generally cold, or enjoy cold climate outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, or work in harsh weather conditions. Instead of wearing those bulky jackets and thick thermal underwear, Thermalution Power Heated Vest will provide you… Click here to read more and Shop

Thermal Sport Series

A variety of Far Infrared Ray Power Heated Thermal Sport Series are available to choose from: Red Belt for lumbar area, Yellow Belt for shoulder area, and Orange Belt for abdomen area. They are made of genuine neoprene and emit safe Far Infrared Ray that provides soothing warmth to penetrate your skin and gently… Click here to read more and Shop

Thermalution Technology

Thermalution offers a variety of innovative designed far-infrared ray and non-metallic portable power heated apparel products for water sports, outdoor activities and personal care.  Thermalution’s unique heating system is designed with state of the art non-metallic heating fiber wire that is safe, comfortable, durable, and… Click here to read more


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